Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Website Popularity Tracker software

Has decided to establish program Website Popularity Tracker, (INDEXA Link Popularity Check is a freeware program) having read through its opportunities. Having begun installation, has collided with a heap of problems. For its work it is necessary JAVA runtime environment which the automatic device begins install through a web-interface. Has established, it was a little bit played (though it was necessary reload) - works much more quickly, than WebCEO, but without registration fulfils only 4 sites on two SE.

Registration simple - firstname and e-mail, however long waited, when the key will come. After reload a computer the file jvm.dll, well and, clearly was gone somewhere, nothing worked. Some times reinstalled, thus each time Java it was established incorrectly. After, I do not remember what, attempts, the link of start Website Popularity Tracker (the program after input regkey asks to leave and again to come, here the link and vanishes), here this link " C: \Program Files \Java \jre1.5.0_01 \bin \javaw.exe "-jar " C: \Program Files\indexa\lpc.jar " was gone.

Impression quite good - in a file sample.txt you insert the sites (i.e. addresses) and you see everything, here to you both PR and Link popularity and Page indexed in seven cores поисковиках.

Try here:
INDEXA - Free Link Popularity Check Software

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